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Sometimes you come across a couple who like to do things a little differently, and have a bit of fun with their wedding. Jess and Paul are one of those couples. The ceremony was held at St Mary of the Angels church on Boulcott St, central Wellington. Having Chilean heritage, Jess wanted to incorporate parts of that in to the proceedings and her dress was great mixture of red and white. Isn’t this church just amazing? They also had live butterflies that they released to mark the occasion. They were fast buggers too! The photo booth was a total hit as well! They also had a Candy Bar set up at the venue, which was 3C – The Colonial Carrying Company down in Chews Lane.

Having a client who knows what they want makes my job so much easier, and Jamie and Scott had a pretty good idea. Scott’s a good photographer himself and he had hired me because my style matched what he was picturing in his head. After our initial chat he went off and rounded up some reference shots for me, shots that he really liked and wanted something similar. Not that I was going to copy them, but it’s great to have a starting point. I must admit, some of the shots he found we stunning and I had a little performance anxiety going on.. The reception was at the wonderful Silverstream Retreat and the day was a scorcher. After the ceremony we headed off to the Train Museum and had some fun. Thanks Jamie and Scott for letting me be part of your day and, although Scott set the bar…

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Having a backup weather plan is a must in a city like Wellington. The climate can change within hours and the forecast is pretty much educated wild guessing. Priya and Sunil were planning on an outdoor ceremony and some light-and-airy formal shots but as it was crapping down sideways that morning we had to break out the Wet Weather Plan. Formal shots were taken at the Massey Memorial where, even though we were outside, there was a great deal of shelter. The ceremony was held at The Pines in Houghton Bay, and compared to the Indian traditions of the day before it was very modern. Despite the weather it was a great day and even though Priya’s wish of some beautiful South Coast shots didn’t come true, I did manage to capture some of the crazy climate.

Photographing a two day Indian Wedding was not something I’d thought about before meeting Sunil and Priya in the Aro St Cafe late last year but after chatting to them about it for a few minutes I was keen as mustard. It sounded great and the promise of an awesome Indian Meal afterwards was certainly not lost on me. They both looked amazing in their traditional clothes, I just loved all the detail that had gone in to them. As the weather was fine, we took off in to the Wellington bushlands and got some great shots of the bride and groom to be. Back at the Kilbirnie Indian Cultural Centre it was all getting a little too exciting for some… The ceremony was full of traditional rituals that made for great photographs. More to come from the second day’s celebrations soon…

Dave and Rehka live in England and hired me to be their wedding photographer through the awesome planner Charlotte Wood. I met them only days before the wedding and they were just so lovely I knew the day was going to be fun to shoot. Wedding Planner: Charlotte Wood Hair & Make-up: Dara Wakley Venue: The Boat Shed

Simon and Jen had their wedding at Pravda in central Wellington recently and it was an absolute blast. The venue is a classy cafe by day and a restaurant by night, with a Russian theme to it that is beautiful. They have 2 young girls who looked so cute all dressed up and since Jen was getting ready not far away they all walked down to the venue. I looked like a bit of a stalker though hanging out on the street corner, cameras slung over both shoulders, waiting for them to come down from the hotel. The food was absolutely divine, and Simon had chosen to have a degustation menu rather than a 3 course meal which meant that dinner went for hours! Not that I’m complaining, I ate things that night I never would normally just due to the quality and flavors involved. Must remember to come back…

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I met Katherine and Tim almost a year ago and they seemed to be so laid back about their wedding that it was infectious, they made me relax. Skip forward quite a few months and their wedding day was just a pleasure, so easy to work with and such fun. She got ready at City Life Apartments, with hair did and make up do’d by Michelle Perry and Catherine Maguire,  and we then all headed down to Old Saint Pauls, which is an amazing wooden church. Very dark wood inside makes it hard to bounce light around, but some well placed spots in the roof helped. The reception was at SOI, on the waterfront in Evan’s Bay, which was really nice as the sun set and the Photo Booth seemed to rock the party!

The weather report for Jane and Andrew’s big day looked promising: Sunny with late cloud. Not the absolute perfect conditions for a photographer but pretty close. Needless to say, the boffins at the Met Service were bloody wrong. It rained. Having spent a fair amount of time in the UK, Jane and Andrew had hired a London Cab as their bridal car and it was just awesome. Luckily it was fairly spacious as we ended up all hanging out in it whilst we waited for the rain to ease! The ceremony and reception were both held in the Chaffers Dock Function Centre and it was nice to just have everything in the one place! The photo booth was an absolute hit as well, people were in and out of it all night! The band was great too and had everyone on the dance floor until the end of the night!

Wow, how time flies! It’s been just over a year since we ran our very first photobooth at a party in Wellington and so much has changed. We’ve run booths all over the North Island (even in Australia!) and we now have a very successful business supplying New Zealand party-goers with their high grade booth fix on a weekly basis. Our empire expanded over that first year and is continuing to do so,  covering the whole North Island (including Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay). We’re struggling to keep up! Here’s to the next year and beyond. Book a photo booth now