Workshops & Mentoring

Workshops & Mentoring

Want to learn underwater photography, or looking to take your work to a new level? Brett offers group and one-on-one underwater photography workshops at his underwater studio in Long Beach, California, and one-on-one online mentoring for those who prefer to work learn remotely.

Online Mentoring

Online one-on-one mentoring is a great way to get Brett’s full attention and experience. Our 90min underwater photography mentoring sessions are held over Skype, Zoom, or Facebook messenger and  include:

  • General advice & feedback
  • Technical/lighting techniques
  • Editing & post-production
  • Sales & business advice
  • Finding your style
  • Posing & working with models underwater
  • Workflow
  • Social media
  • Screen Sharing
  • Portfolio reviews

90 min Mentoring Session: $399

Portfolio Review

Unsure which of your images have the most impact and show your skills? Brett’s portfolio reviews are a great way to get feedback on your images from an independent viewer, and make your portfolio stronger.

60 min Portfolio Review: $299

Please contact us for more details.

Underwater Portrait Photography Workshops

Our group and one-on-one underwater portrait photography workshops offer a hands-on approach to learning or upskilling your underwater photography. The majority of workshops are held at our Underwater Studio located in Long Beach, California, but we do offer destination trips as well. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Topics covered include:

Basic Skills

  • Types of gear/uses
  • Gear maintenance
  • Terminology
  • Camera settings
  • Lens choices
  • Basic underwater physics
  • Shoot safety/common dangers
  • Open water vs closed water shooting
  • Working with models/communication (models & outfits provided)
  • Breath-hold techniques
  • Fabric/wardrobe choices
  • Staying steady underwater
  • Working with Natural light
  • Working with Artificial light
  • Dealing with unpredictability
  • Post shoot tasks
  • Post production (colour correction and light retouch)

Advanced Lighting Techniques

  • Strobes vs natural light
  • Strobes vs video lights
  • Gear choices
  • Underwater light physics
  • Triggering strobes
  • “Dry” Strobes
  • “Wet” Strobes
  • On Camera strobes
  • Lighting only from above
  • Lighting only from underwater
  • Mixing light sources
  • Using Coloured Gels
  • Shaping light
  • Special effects
  • Post production