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Simon and Jen had their wedding at Pravda in central Wellington recently and it was an absolute blast. The venue is a classy cafe by day and a restaurant by night, with a Russian theme to it that is beautiful. They have 2 young girls who looked so cute all dressed up and since Jen was getting ready not far away they all walked down to the venue. I looked like a bit of a stalker though hanging out on the street corner, cameras slung over both shoulders, waiting for them to come down from the hotel. The food was absolutely divine, and Simon had chosen to have a degustation menu rather than a 3 course meal which meant that dinner went for hours! Not that I’m complaining, I ate things that night I never would normally just due to the quality and flavors involved. Must remember to come back…

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I met Katherine and Tim almost a year ago and they seemed to be so laid back about their wedding that it was infectious, they made me relax. Skip forward quite a few months and their wedding day was just a pleasure, so easy to work with and such fun. She got ready at City Life Apartments, with hair did and make up do’d by Michelle Perry and Catherine Maguire,  and we then all headed down to Old Saint Pauls, which is an amazing wooden church. Very dark wood inside makes it hard to bounce light around, but some well placed spots in the roof helped. The reception was at SOI, on the waterfront in Evan’s Bay, which was really nice as the sun set and the Photo Booth seemed to rock the party!

The weather report for Jane and Andrew’s big day looked promising: Sunny with late cloud. Not the absolute perfect conditions for a photographer but pretty close. Needless to say, the boffins at the Met Service were bloody wrong. It rained. Having spent a fair amount of time in the UK, Jane and Andrew had hired a London Cab as their bridal car and it was just awesome. Luckily it was fairly spacious as we ended up all hanging out in it whilst we waited for the rain to ease! The ceremony and reception were both held in the Chaffers Dock Function Centre and it was nice to just have everything in the one place! The photo booth was an absolute hit as well, people were in and out of it all night! The band was great too and had everyone on the dance floor until the end of the night!

I’ve been a fan of The Melvins since the late 90’s when a friend introduced me to their album Stag after a gig one night. It blew me away with it’s distorted, dissident but yet highly melodic tunes and I knew I was going out the next day to buy the CD (This is before the days of iTunes! Ask your parents if you don’t know what I’m talking about.). I even got to see them play in Sydney once and it was amazing. Whilst I’m not the hugest fan of theirs, some albums I just don’t get in to, I still really appreciate the tightness and fatness of their sound considering they are a 3 piece, with Buzz’s vocals filling any gaps there might be in the sound. Fast forward over ten years and I’m now with a girl who is FANATICAL about them, would follow them around the…

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Earlier this year Pretty Pictures, a business I have with my partner Jaime Leigh specialising in Pin up and Retro Photography, were a major sponsor of the Miss Burlesque New Zealand pageant in Wellington, New Zealand. We sponsored the People’s Choice Award which was won by the effervescent Miss Busty La Belle and as such we got the pleasure of shooting with her in our studio. Miss La Belle is a well known burlesque performer in Wellington and she also teaches Burlesque classes which are described as “Classics of showing your beautiful body off whilst revealing your inner bombshell, bumps and grinds and plenty more.” As part of our process with any client, we chatted with her about ideas and styles. She mentioned that she had done a few shoots previously and wanted to do something different, something a little out of her usual style. We threw some ideas back…

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Our final collection for the day was Alana Bishop – “Stretch Me”, modelled by Lauren Spring. Thanks to Melody from Designer Direction for organising everything! Shoot Credits Photographer: Brett Stanley Stylist: Jason Tapuai-Kuka Hair Stylist: Richard Kavanagh Makeup Artist: Vee Gulliver Female Model: Lauren Spring from Clyne Womenswear shoes: Chaos & Harmony, Lost Not Lonely

Our second collection to shoot was Haylee Barry – “Tu Meke”, modelled by Yasmin Bidois. Haylee also made it through to the finals of the FashionTV Online Designer Awards. Shoot Credits Photographer: Brett Stanley Stylist: Jason Tapuai-Kuka Hair Stylist: Richard Kavanagh Makeup Artist: Vee Gulliver Female Model: Yasmin Bidois from Clyne Womenswear shoes: Chaos & Harmony, Lost Not Lonely Headset in Tu Meke: WesC

I recently had the pleasure of working with the talented Richard Kavanagh, Vee Gulliver, Jason Tapuai-Kuka, and 3 great models at Kingsize Studios, Auckland in a quick fire fashion shoot for the Designer Direction “Discovered” competition. We had 3 collections to shoot and the first cab off the rank was Victoria Green – “Lone Wolf”, modelled by Hunter Mcleod (Winner of the New Zealand Fashion Week New Talent Competition): Yes, that’s Richard weaving magic. Victoria was a finalist in the FashionTV Online Designer Awards. Shoot Credits Photographer: Brett Stanley Stylist: Jason Tapuai-Kuka Hair Stylist: Richard Kavanagh Makeup Artist: Vee Gulliver Male Model: Hunter Mcleod Menswear shoes: Overland

New Zealand magazine Pulp have a photography competition every year that is open to anyone and attracts some great talent, I was hoping to be one of those lucky people this year. Along with my partner Jaime Leigh, our two awesome models Lauren and Nicola, and some MASSIVE woolly socks we threw together this little shoot: Unfortunately the magazine came out this week and we were nowhere to be seen 🙁 There was some great work submitted though so it wasn’t too much of a sting. Keep Calm and Carry On! Photography: Brett Stanley Hair & Make-up: Jaime Leigh Models: Laura and Nicola

As a photographer I come across many different types of people from those who hate the camera to those that can’t get enough, and with wedding photography it’s usually the former: Normal People who are camera shy. I have a very relaxed approach to my photography and prefer to make pictures around my subjects rather than trying to fit them to the shot I have in mind. I think I succeed in this as I feel my shots represent my clients quite well and I have great feedback. But then sometimes you have a couple that just play up to the camera and have some fun. Kylie and Henry were one of those couples… Kylie got ready at an awesome house up on the hills behind Whitby with her bridesmaids. And then off to the Gear Homestead for the Ceremony and Reception. Did I mention they were lots of fun?…

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