The Melvins – Bodega, Wellington

I’ve been a fan of The Melvins since the late 90’s when a friend introduced me to their album Stag after a gig one night. It blew me away with it’s distorted, dissident but yet highly melodic tunes and I knew I was going out the next day to buy the CD (This is before the days of iTunes! Ask your parents if you don’t know what I’m talking about.). I even got to see them play in Sydney once and it was amazing.

Whilst I’m not the hugest fan of theirs, some albums I just don’t get in to, I still really appreciate the tightness and fatness of their sound considering they are a 3 piece, with Buzz’s vocals filling any gaps there might be in the sound.

Fast forward over ten years and I’m now with a girl who is FANATICAL about them, would follow them around the world if she could (and she’s tried!) and bought me a ticket to see them in Wellington.

They are no longer a three piece, having merged with the lads from Big Business to form a behemoth band with two drummers and a bass player that’s just a younger, taller version of lead singer King Buzzo. Go the fro!

Original drummer Dale is more than enough to drive the hulking churning riffs but add in another hard hitter like Coady and the sound is phenomenal.

One of those bands that has been working for over 20 years and still sound fresh, and live is twice as good! Don’t know how they play with those costumes on though, I was a sweaty mess just from holding a camera.

Now wish I’d seen them in Auckland for the Fornax Chemica support but High On Fire kept the place alive.

Cheers to Simon for getting me some great spots to shoot from 🙂

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