Brett Stanley

Commercial Advertising + Fashion Photographer
(Los Angeles & New Zealand)
USA +1 818 751 9705
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Little Ditty ’bout Tone and Stax

Part of my trip home to Australia for the holidays was to get some more portfolio shots in the bag and to try and capture some of the Australian landscape.

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The sideshow is the main event

In my home town right now for a wee holiday and after overdosing on greasy fish and chips we thought we’d hit the local funfair. Click on the pictures as

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Custom made lighting bag

I’ve been carrying around my lighting gear in the bottom of my travel bag for the past few trips and I decided that it was not really working for me.

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Family portrait shoot – beach styles

Last week I had a cool shoot with some friends of mine who wanted to get a nice Family Portrait to hang on their wall. Family is a loose term

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Super Sweet Promo Deal

Having been a musician and involved in theatre myself over the years, I know how hard it can be to get good quality promotional photos at a decent price. You’re

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Ignite your imagination!

Lately I’ve had the great pleasure to work with the guys and girls from Fuse Productions, a Wellington based circus and physical theatre company. I met them through the calendar

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Run for your life

Last year my good friend Kim lost her mum to cancer. It was a long battle but Kim and her mum were strong right to the end. Kim’s friends were

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Tuscan Wedding

A little while ago I had the honour of being my sister’s wedding photographer whilst on a holiday in Tuscany, Italy. She didn’t say it was going to be a

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New Zealand wedding season retrospective

Wow the year has just flown by and whilst I’m gearing up for the next summer season of fun photography I thought I’d share some of the highlights of last

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Coffee and Pie, Oh me oh my (thighs)!

This is one of those things that just had to be done. I’d seen it in the movies too many times to pass it up. Picture this: Roadside diner, pink

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