A little while ago I had the awesome pleasure of doing a shoot with the wonderful Miss Kita, a singer songwriter from Australia. She is in the process of recording her latest EP and wanted to do something a little different for the cover art. We set up a few different scenes in and around her house, which is just a photographers dream with amazing coloured walls and nick nacks everywhere. These ones I’m most proud of as I had to fake the sunlight coming through the window. Kita had the great idea with the morning sun, but I got up a little late and missed it, so I played god and created it! We headed out to the forest of Glenworth Valley, near the Central Coast, and had a great day with water, horses and leeches! Our most magnificent stunt team!

Since word-of-mouth is in my experience the best form of marketing and this blog is all about me Me ME! I thought I might let you know of all the ways that you can follow my work. I have a few presences on the web, and whilst this blog is the most regularly updated I do put a lot of things up on these ones from time to time: Facebook – Become a fan and get updates direct to your wall Flickr – Lots of images here from over the years and more to come! The Big Step – Profile on this NZ wedding planning site Starnow – My profile on the Starnow Talent directory Charisma Models – Profile page on this modelling site

We are offering a Performer’s Headshot package at the moment which includes: 2hr Studio or location based shoot Hair & make-up 3 changes DVD of final images Image Retouching Girls – From $350 Guys – From $280 DIY Hair/make-up – $200 Discounts for groups of 3 and over. Prices include GST. Call (NZ:  04 972 8283 or 021 711 739) or email for more information. Hair & Make-up in these photos by the amazing Jaime Leigh.

Avoca Beach, on the Central Coast of NSW Australia, is where I grew up pretty much. I was a Nipper there for a few years, which rather than priming me for my future as an Iron Man really just gave me a distaste for sand and speedo’s. It’s a beautiful area and thankfully Bonnie and Paul asked me to capture their wedding there, because it gave me a chance to exorcise those sandy-budgie-smuggling demons! They had the ceremony at the Avoca Beach Theatre, which was just lovely. We got some keen interest from the fishing community! I love this sequence. Paul is all like “That wave was close!” Bonnie trying to make friends with the locals. Paul actually made his own wedding cake!

Melanie and Dan were great fun to shoot, they were up for anything and even though she cut her foot and it rained on her wedding day she was determined to have a good time. We met in Brisbane, Australia for their Lifestyle/Engagement Shoot and took to the Roma St Parklands where we strolled around and played on the swings whilst Dan  tried to make friends with the spiders and lizards. Back in  New Zealand for the wedding, it was a typical Wellington summer’s day: Cold, Rainy, Foggy. Despite all this we managed to get out and take some great shots. Isn’t that the most awesome cake?! I even got them to jump the railing on one of the best look outs in Wellington and pose on a wee cliff! Congratulations guys, and all the best!

A couple of weeks ago I had the great fortune to follow Fuse Circus and The Circus Trust’s float around the Cuba St Carnival.  They had customised a crane in to a Steam Punk machine, complete with pretty girls hanging from a hoop! The parade was great and although I was complaining about sore feet afterwards I had nothing on the performers who put on a great show the whole way!

Wow, woke up yesterday to find one of my photos on the front page of the local paper! It was a publicity shot for Fuse Productions (I blogged about them before) who have a show called The Navigators on in the Fringe Festival here in Wellington, NZ. Pretty stoked and surprised really. You can see the originals here below. That’s Rowan Hayden-White by the way, looking gorgeous.

When I was younger I used to watch a show called All Together Now that was about this old time rock star, Bobby Rivers played by Jon English, who ends up having no career but twin children that keep trying to pull him in to the 90’s when all he wants to do is stay in the 70’s where the music was good. No, when the music was GREAT! Jump nearly 20 years later and here I am in the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre being taken back to the 70’s by that self same Mr English, being treated to a musical buffet of 70’s classics and having my god damn socks rocked off by a bunch of over-talented and probably under-age* musicians in The Rock Show! * Well probably not under-age, but half of them were under 20 at least. Cheeky buggers with their multi-talents, makes me sick 😉

I want to preface this post by saying that I am not comfortable in front of the camera, I much prefer to be behind it and in control, so when I decided to play around with some lighting set-ups and the only model I had was me, the last place I thought these images would end up would be on my blog. When I played with the images in Lightroom, I was surprised at how nice I thought they were. They seemed to capture something that I hadn’t seen (in myself) before and I thought I would share them and see what people thought. Is this vain or self indulgent? I sincerely hope not but please feel free to let me know what you think 🙂

Whilst out in Western Australia, I had the good fortune to meet Nadine and Alan. They put me up for a few days at their place which was just wonderful, and they had this great pool in their backyard that I fell in love with. It just looked awesome with these paint-peeling arches around it in the afternoon light and Nadine was kind enough to pose for me. It was a really fun shoot, with me in the pool for most of it trying to keep my head and camera above the water. At one point I was hanging off the railing with one arm, trying to hold the camera and shoot with the other. Did I mention it was fun? Gave me a chance to play with my speedlights some more as well. Once the light had faded outside we headed in to do some some more in front…

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