Go west young man, far west

As the plane shuddered and slid sideways, I pulled my head upright from the headrest and looked around franticly for my shoes thinking “I’ll need these if we crash”. Then realising we were just landing in Perth I mumbled to myself “Lucky, I don’t have time to die”.

Picture 125

Western Australia had never really held much interest for me, but once I visited here earlier this year I fell for it pretty hard. The lonesome landscape, the abundance of earthy colours and ruined buildings that belie the relative youth of this country. There is an old soul here that I have only found in a place like India, a deep sleepy soul that you know rather than feel.  It sees you and sighs.

My plan here is to photograph a couple of models for a clothing label with my friend slash Make-Up artist Jaime Leigh and then hit the road for a few weeks on the journey back to Sydney. I’ll post images here when I can and hopefully keep a wee travelogue similar to ones I have done on my now defunct Travel Blog.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment or suggest places that we should go, insiders guides are the best.