Glamour Shoot with Nadine

Whilst out in Western Australia, I had the good fortune to meet Nadine and Alan. They put me up for a few days at their place which was just wonderful, and they had this great pool in their backyard that I fell in love with.

It just looked awesome with these paint-peeling arches around it in the afternoon light and Nadine was kind enough to pose for me.






It was a really fun shoot, with me in the pool for most of it trying to keep my head and camera above the water. At one point I was hanging off the railing with one arm, trying to hold the camera and shoot with the other. Did I mention it was fun?


Gave me a chance to play with my speedlights some more as well.



Once the light had faded outside we headed in to do some some more in front of this cool mirror Alan had made.


… and although he wasn’t so keen on getting in the shots we managed to con him into it in the end 🙂




They looked great, were a great couple, and also cooked a wicked Larb! Thanks guys.