Custom made lighting bag

I’ve been carrying around my lighting gear in the bottom of my travel bag for the past few trips and I decided that it was not really working for me. It takes up a lot of room and if i just want to take it to a shoot I either have to take the whole bag, which is quite large, or carry it all loose.

I had an idea for a carry bag that would be padded enough for me to just check the whole lot in when I fly and also double as a ground matt for me to lay my gear out on when I’m on an outdoor shoot.

After drawing up a little plan, I coerced my mum to help me with the sewing part. She’s got an old pedal sewing machine that is just beautiful and she drives it like a pro. Dad helped out with some of the finer points too. Go team!


It was my aunties and had been in our house for years. It was to be thrown out at one stage but I rescued it and my mum has been using it ever since.


It’s just an amazing bit of machinery.


Such wonderful detail and it has that great, old oil smell.


The bag turned out great with thick padded vinyl and a double zip.


It holds all my gear and rolls to the smallest size it needs to be making it ultra portable. I just need to add some straps instead of my belt in the picture above.

Not bad for a Saturday night… so sad.