Family portrait shoot – beach styles

Last week I had a cool shoot with some friends of mine who wanted to get a nice Family Portrait to hang on their wall. Family is a loose term but they all do live together…

Whilst they were waiting for me to turn up at their house, they got a little bored and decided they would like to try and recreate the lounge room on the beach.

There was some great cloud action going on and since it was uncharacteristically calm that day I took the chance to get my lighting gear out and have a wee play.

Managed to coax a few action shots out of the girls too.

Well, more than a few actually.

We got a bit adventurous, and although the water was bloody cold the girls still managed to have fun. I took my light stand out in to the shallows and we did a few shots out there. Had a close call when the breeze picked up my lighting rig and tried to drown it. Thank bob for weatherproof seals on my speedlight!

It was a great scene and hard to believe that the background is real.

The girls were great and I think they got some good shots for their wall out of it. They fed me hot chips with gravy and cheese, so I was happy.