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Underwater room or set showing a model posing for underwater photography

Being an Underwater Photographer I’ve always been drawn to creating dreamscapes below the surface, it’s just part of the allure for me, and trying to build a whole room underwater was one of the goals I’d set myself quite a while ago Having been a primarily travelling photographer meant that I didn’t have a proper studio in which to experiment, but hat all changed last year when I built my own Underwater Studio at my home in Long Beach, California. Having an underwater studio at my house meant that I could spend days experimenting with all sorts of crazy ideas that had been percolating in my soggy brain over the years, one of which was the sunken room! I was lucky enough to have a client come to me wanting to create an ‘80s bedroom underwater for an album cover, and so the mission began! We spend 5 days building…

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As an Underwater Photographer based in Los Angeles I’m obsessed with the ocean,  so when Christine from Christine Ren Films contacted me about her Ocean Conservancy project I jumped at the chance. It was such a cool project, and important, as it hoped to highlight the dangers of overfishing our oceans – possibly resulting in Jellyfish being the only life left, hence the title Jellyfish Soup.     Christine has put together a great video all about the project, feel free to check it out below: and here’s a Photoshop Breakdown of the post production: Directing, modeling & editing: Christine Ren Films ( Photography: Brett Stanley / The Underwater Photographer ( Hair & MUA: Jaime Leigh McIntosh Jellyfish props: Sara Kugelmass ( Costume: Laura Hazlett ( BTS footage: Brian Bradley Assistants: Brianna Lopez & Alexandre Bui

Photographing sports is not the easiest of tasks, especially when it’s a certain concept, and doubly so underwater! I shot these images with Ash Wootton of the New Zealand National Water Polo Team a few months ago and she was so good to work with, especially when I was asking her to perform feats that aren’t part of the norm as far as Water Polo goes. Massive thanks to Ash for being a part of this campaign! Model: Ash Wootton Makeup: Dominique Whittaker

2015 was an amazing year for me: a mixed bag of client work, personal projects, and loads of travel. I spent a lot of time underwater this year as well, which has been great with that side of my business expanding and we keep pushing the envelope on what we shoot down there.  Huge thanks to all my clients, supporters, and my amazing team around the world. I really couldn’t do this with out you! Please enjoy my favourite shots from the year, and see you in 2016! Model: Tiffany Nicole (TNicole) Stylist: Gabrielle Letamendi MUA: Eliven Quiros   Valentina Grim Makeup: Glam by Tessa Monica Olive Stylist: Devin Winter Hair: Erin Michelle Anderson Makeup: Chanel Panagiotopoulos Model: Model Kaylan Auxier HMUA: Dinah Raphaelle Stylist: Impressionist Designs Designer: Tafreshi Couture Model: Brooke West Makeup: Andrea Hows Artistry Sheridan Mouawad Makeup: Dinah Raphaelle Model: Sarah Makeup: Andrea Hows Artistry Model: Lisa Underwater Aerials…

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Underwater Pole Dance/Fitness (Skylar Leigh) - Brett Stanley Photographer

Over the past decade I’ve photographed many performance artists, from Trapeze and Aerials to Fire Breathers and Stilt Walkers, and I’ve always wondered whether we could take these talents and put them underwater. I’ve talked before about my love of the ocean, so this was a natural idea for me. Then in 2013 I started working with some of these artists, getting their advice on how best to do this, and the more we talked the more it seemed possible. They were excited, I was excited, we jumped in the water and no one drowned! During the next 2 years I collaborated with some amazing women, capturing their incredible skills whilst underwater. My images of The Magenta Diamond (Tanya Drewery) performing Underwater Aerial Chains were featured in F11 Magazine, and photos of Sara Anderson Kidston with Madison Turner performing Underwater Lyra can be seen on my Behance page. Late in…

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Underwater Photographer Brett Stanley - Los Angeles & New Zealand

As my experience with underwater photography grows, so does my interest in Freediving. As I don’t usually use scuba equipment when I shoot in the water I’m often holding my breath for extended periods of time, and finding ways to extend that time is good. Now, I have no real interest in going as deep as champion Freedivers like Frenchman Guillaume Néry or Kiwi William Trubridge but the idea of staying below the surface for minutes at a time appeals to me greatly! It’s my happy place, so beautiful and calm. Check out these two videos featuring Guillaume Néry: Underwater Base Jump Narco   and this trailer for a documentary on William Truebridge:   Breathe Inspiring for the sheer control these athletes have on their bodies! I’ve also just finished reading a book by James Nestor called Deep which explores Freediving as a tool for underwater study. It’s fascinating and…

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f11 Magazine August 2014 Cover - Brett Stanley Underwater Photographer

There’s been a few highlights in my life recently and this feature of my Underwater Photography in F11 Magazine is no exception. Truly honoured to have a massive spread and interview in the August issue, many thanks to editor Tim Steele! Oh yeah, that’s my image of Rachel Rouge on the cover there too. Check out the whole magazine and article about my underwater photography. Bodies of Art Collection – Model: Jane Wenley, Body Art: Sofia Bue Pedersen, Hair: Warren Dion Smith

New Zealand – July/August 2014 Modelling underwater is difficult yet amazingly rewarding. These photoshoots are open to anyone, not just professional models. The only requirement is that you can swim and have a reasonable level of fitness. Dates & Locations The shoots will be held in Wellington and Auckland between the following dates: Wellington (29 July – 8 August) Auckland (10 August – 16 August) As yet, specific dates and times are to be confirmed due to pool availability and final booking numbers. Most likely the shoots will be on a weekday, possibly during the day as this is when the pools are most available, but we will try for outside business hours to make it easier for people. Package Prices The costs involved in organising these shoots are rather high, but we’ve done our best to create a package that gives you value for money: 1 Hour Package –…

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Growing up, our family pool was my favourite place to be. Swimming around under the water, making up games with my friends, seeing how long we could hold our breaths, it was a magical place and as soon as I was old enough I trained to be a scuba diver. Being in the ocean just made my obsession with water stronger, the weightless feeling was the closest I could get to flying, which also consumed my dreams. I dabbled with underwater photography previously but found that the only animals I was interested in photographing were Whales, and you can’t get close to them very often! I realised I wanted to take my commercial and fashion work underwater, and last year I started collecting and building the gear I needed to do this. I created my own lighting system and housings to achieve the looks I wanted. Here’s the results of…

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I’ve had such a huge response to my Underwater Photography that I’m offering a few open shoots for models and amateurs to come and experience the amazing feeling of modelling under the water. Wellington, New Zealand Johnsonville Pool, Wellington 28th Feb (Sold Out) 7th March (Sold Out) 21st March (Sold Out) 28th March (Sold Out) Auckland, New Zealand Glenfield Pool, Auckland 12th March 19th March All shoots include: 2 x Looks/Costume Changes 1 Hour shoot 3 x Retouched images Private online gallery Outfits and costumes not provided, but here is a page of underwater inspiration. Makeup needs to be specifically waterproof or it will come off once you get in the pool. We can organise an experienced makeup artist for you. Get in contact if you’d like to book, spaces are limited and filling fast!