On Freediving

As my experience with underwater photography grows, so does my interest in Freediving. As I don’t usually use scuba equipment when I shoot in the water I’m often holding my breath for extended periods of time, and finding ways to extend that time is good.

Now, I have no real interest in going as deep as champion Freedivers like Frenchman Guillaume Néry or Kiwi William Trubridge but the idea of staying below the surface for minutes at a time appeals to me greatly! It’s my happy place, so beautiful and calm.

Check out these two videos featuring Guillaume Néry:

Underwater Base Jump



and this trailer for a documentary on William Truebridge:



Inspiring for the sheer control these athletes have on their bodies!

I’ve also just finished reading a book by James Nestor called Deep which explores Freediving as a tool for underwater study. It’s fascinating and makes me want to learn more about the discipline, and to be involved in some sort of marine conservation… I want to make a difference in the world.