Kid Mac is a rising star in the Australian music scene with his 2nd album ‘Head Noise’ just released. I was lucky to spend some time with Mac on a recent trip to Australia and shoot some promo shots for the upcoming tour and release. Some of these images went on to be published in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Growing up, our family pool was my favourite place to be. Swimming around under the water, making up games with my friends, seeing how long we could hold our breaths, it was a magical place and as soon as I was old enough I trained to be a scuba diver. Being in the ocean just made my obsession with water stronger, the weightless feeling was the closest I could get to flying, which also consumed my dreams. I dabbled with underwater photography previously but found that the only animals I was interested in photographing were Whales, and you can’t get close to them very often! I realised I wanted to take my commercial and fashion work underwater, and last year I started collecting and building the gear I needed to do this. I created my own lighting system and housings to achieve the looks I wanted. Here’s the results of…

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When UK band Tokyo Taboo came to Los Angeles to film their new music video they asked me to come along and shoot some promo shots for them. A crack-of-dawn hike up to the Hollywood Sign followed by a quick swim at Santa Monica beach rounded the day out.

Talent: Roxy Coervers Hair: Natalie Jeffries – Lady Bonnet Personal Hairstylist Makeup: Keryn Ward Makeup Artist

Very happy to be published in Lucire Magazine this month with an editorial featuring Monica Buchan-Ng. Styling: Sopheak Seng Designs & Styling Makeup: Kelly Manu Hair: JAIME LEIGH – Hair & Make Up

  First published in Elegant Magazine, March 2014. Talent: Onrico Nightingale Wardrobe: Top Man, Aldo, Levi, Zara Man, Zenio

Look-book shoot for Los Angeles vintage clothing company Tarantula. Talent: Michael & Kiernan Hair & Makeup: Esther Vasquez & Angelica Calderon  

First published in The Photographer’s Mail, February 2014 I love a good road trip, it’s part of who I am. I put it down to growing up in Australia where every holiday began with at least an 8 hour drive. Squashed in our Ford Falcon Stationwagon for what seemed like days, watching the world come towards me with such intent that it was hypnotic. I was the youngest of three so I never got a window seat, just wedged in the middle with the wide wide windscreen wrapping around and consuming me. Mum always said it was the best seat in the house, but I dreamed of being big enough to sit by the window where the world flew by with such speed that I was always left wanting more, always wishing I could pause for a minute to enjoy the details of the front yards and side roads. When…

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First published in The Photographer’s Mail, December 2013 When I first started making the move to Hollywood, people would often ask me if it was a good idea, wouldn’t I be competing against all the other photographers in town? My initial thought was yes, but after weighing up all the information I figured that in a city with almost 10 million people (that’s more than double New Zealand) there had to be a load more opportunities as well. More people equals more products to sell equals more photography, surely. I was right of course, I wouldn’t be putting it in print if I wasn’t! The huge number of projects happening at any one time here is staggering, from small commercial shoots to large feature films, this city has it all and it’s all going on all the time. In the 12 months I’ve been here I’ve had the good fortune…

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First published in The Photographer’s Mail, October 2013 Starting up afresh in a new country was never going to be easy. I knew that from the outset but I also was prepared to take my time and not expect anything amazing to happen straight away. Before moving to Los Angeles in December 2012 I had been quite hectic with my business, and the act of packing two people’s lives into a 3×1 metre storage locker the night before I flew out took it’s toll. I pretty much slept until Christmas and in between the sleeping I ate. Badly. The food in America is amazing in it’s awfulness, the perfect mix of addictive and deadly that makes it sooo hard to quit! You can eat healthy here but it just takes more effort, and I’m here to experience the American way (for a time) so donuts, tacos, burgers and pizza it…

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