Brett Stanley

Commercial Advertising + Fashion Photographer
(Los Angeles & New Zealand)
USA +1 818 751 9705
NZ +64 (0) 21 711739


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Miss Busty La Belle – Pin up & Burlesque shoot

Earlier this year Pretty Pictures, a business I have with my partner Jaime Leigh specialising in Pin up and Retro Photography, were a major sponsor of the Miss Burlesque New

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Discovered Fashion Shoot – Part 3

Our final collection for the day was Alana Bishop – “Stretch Me”, modelled by Lauren Spring. Thanks to Melody from Designer Direction for organising everything! Shoot Credits Photographer: Brett Stanley Stylist:

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Discovered Fashion Shoot – Part 2

Our second collection to shoot was Haylee Barry – “Tu Meke”, modelled by Yasmin Bidois. Haylee also made it through to the finals of the FashionTV Online Designer Awards. Shoot Credits

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Discovered Fashion Shoot – Part 1

I recently had the pleasure of working with the talented Richard Kavanagh, Vee Gulliver, Jason Tapuai-Kuka, and 3 great models at Kingsize Studios, Auckland in a quick fire fashion shoot

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Pulp Emerging Photographer Competition

New Zealand magazine Pulp have a photography competition every year that is open to anyone and attracts some great talent, I was hoping to be one of those lucky people

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New Directions and Winter Goals

It’s been a time of change for me in the last few weeks, I moved out of the studio I had been renting for the past 9 months and the

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Reflections come back to you

Ok, so it’s a bad pun but a serious issue, reflections are hard to control especially on rounded objects such as wedding rings. I’m all for leaving my mark on

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Great locations are all around (and above) you

One of the main reasons I fell in love with my studio was the huge ceiling space. It was vaulted,  had exposed beams and the monkey in me just wanted

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Kylie and Henry – Gear Homestead Wedding

As a photographer I come across many different types of people from those who hate the camera to those that can’t get enough, and with wedding photography it’s usually the

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Emma and Pete – Martinborough Wedding

For the past few years of weddings I have always tried to give people the images they wanted, tried to work out what style they were after and deliver some

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