Wonderwest by Boot Barn

I recently had the pleasure of working with Boot Barn on their latest photoshoot, titled “Wonderwest by Boot Barn,” at my Long Beach Underwater Studio.

The shoot was a great success, and I had a blast working with the talented team of professionals who brought their creative energy and enthusiasm to the project. Isha, the Creative Director, had a clear vision for the shoot, which was inspired by the wonder and magic of the Wild West. Nicole, the Producer, kept everything running smoothly and on schedule, and the models, Bianca and Luke, were amazing to work with. They were both excellent swimmers and had a great sense of how to move underwater, which made my job as an underwater photographer much easier.

As the underwater photographer, my primary focus was on capturing the perfect shots that would showcase the clothing and accessories from Boot Barn’s latest collection. This required careful planning and coordination with the team to ensure that everyone was on the same page. We worked together to create a variety of poses and compositions that would highlight the unique features of the clothing, such as the intricate patterns and textures.

One of the challenges of underwater photography is working with light, which can be unpredictable and constantly changing. However, we were fortunate to have some beautiful light filtering into the studio through the water, which gave the photos a dreamy, ethereal quality.

Overall, working on this photoshoot was an incredible experience, and I am grateful to everyone involved for their hard work and dedication. I am thrilled with how the final images turned out, and I believe they capture the spirit of the Wild West in a truly unique and captivating way.


Creative Director: Isha
Producer: Nicole
Models: Bianca and Luke
Underwater Photographer: Brett Stanley
Assistant: Sue Han