Mermaids for Flaunt Magazine

Underwater photography is an exciting and unique form of art that allows for a stunning array of colors, light, and movement. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Flaunt Magazine on an underwater photoshoot about mermaids, and I am honored to have my images included in such a beautiful and acclaimed publication.

The article was about Sheroes Mermaid Entertainment, a group of talented performers who specialize in creating immersive and magical experiences for audiences of all ages. The photoshoot featured two of their skilled mermaids, Naiia and Quinn, who brought their unique talents and skills to the underwater setting.

Working with these mermaids was wonderful, their experience and comfort in the water allowed us to capture some truly amazing shots, showcasing the beauty and mystery of the underwater world. As an underwater photographer, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such skilled performers and bring their talents to life through my lens.

One of the highlights of this shoot was the stunning fashion styling by Gorge Villalpando, the talented fashion editor. He created a beautiful array of mermaid-inspired looks, incorporating intricate details and textures that added to the dreamy and otherworldly quality of the images.

Being a part of this photoshoot and seeing my work in Flaunt Magazine is an incredible honor, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for underwater photography with a wider audience. I hope that the images will inspire others to explore the beauty and magic of the underwater world, and to appreciate the talent and skill of performers like Naiia and Quinn and creatives like Gorge Villalpando.


Mermaids: Naiia and Quinn
Fashion Editor: Gorge Villalpando
Publication: Flaunt Magazine
Underwater Photographer: Brett Stanley