Those ingenius Kiwis

I’ve got to say, not being a native to New Zealand, that I’ve got enormous pride in this adopted country of mine. Not only is it one of the most stunning places I’ve been but the people are just amazing. So friendly, welcoming and smart. Check out these inspiring projects:

Genie – Motion control time lapse device

I’ve always been interested in timelapse photography and the recent push in motion timelapse has been great to watch. Whilst it’s not something I’m going to rush out and get in to I’m in awe of the footage that people are showing. These guys from Syrp have created a great little timelapse unit that seems to be the 4×4 of motion, being able to be used in so many different ways. Here’s their rundown:

The Genie! A simple, affordable and extremely easy to use device used for motion control and image capture for Time Lapse Photography + more. The Genie is an all-in-one device used to combine image capture with motion control, capable of either panning or linear movement that’s commonly used in Time Lapse Photography. Simply attach your camera to the top of the Genie, plug it in, and program it to move and shoot to your desired needs.

The Panning and Linear accessories provide ultimate flexibility for a range of movement and it’s transportable size means you will never have to go without the option of motion controlled Time Lapses no matter how constrained your location may be. Visit our website

They’ve got a kick starter campaign going too so jump on over and support these guys.


ioShutter – SLR camera control from your iPhone

Along the same lines as the Genie is ioShutter. This little app and accessory allows you to control your DSLR from your iPhone and makes long exposures really easy. It also has the ability to set triggers such as noise or movement making it great for capturing motion.

ioShutter is the world’s first SLR shutter release cable for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Use your ioShutter cable with the free ioShutter app to unlock incredible functionality like Time Lapse, Timer, Bulb for long exposures, Sound Trigger and the awesome ShakeToTake!

I won one of these from the Enohpi Project and can’t wait to get my hands on it (hint hint!). I’m sure they will have updates to it as well but I’d love a GPS based trigger that allows me to take shots every 100m for example.

Damn I love Gadgets!