Red Vespa – Corporate and Stock Photography

I recently had the pleasure of working with a great NZ company, Red Vespa.  They are one of New Zealand’s leading business analyst companies and when I met them they were in the middle of a huge revamp of their website.

The brief was:

  • Capture their staff with an open, friendly but still professional look.
  • They also wanted shots of their Wellington and Auckland offices which gave me a reason to travel.
  • Grab some shots of their mascot (A beautiful Red Vespa!) out and about in both Wellington and Auckland.
  • Shoot some stock photography they could use on the site.

We had a ball chasing Richard (a very hands on CEO!) around both cities and posing the vespa to capture the city and surrounds.

I also took off by myself to shoot a range of stock for them to use to highlight their staff’s interests. As you can see from the profile images they have a wide variety of hobbies!

We shot their staff portraits against white as they would be clear cut for the website. Red Vespa wanted a very approachable style with the individual’s personality coming through, so we got them to bring in a prop each!

Thanks to everyone involved and especially the staff for hauling in their toys 🙂