Osteria Del Toro – Food and Interior Photography

Food, I love it. I am actually addicted to it. I display all the traits of an addict: I eat alone, I eat when I’m emotional, it’s the first thing I think about in the morning, I plan my day around it, and sometimes I even lie about it! I have friends who eat only to survive, they wish it was all just just encapsulated in a pill that they could take and forget about it. I don’t understand that. Then again, I am an addict.

So whats the best job for a photographer with such a vice? Food Photography!

Osteria Del Toro

I was introduced to John and Kelli of Wellington’s Osteria Del Toro by Jen from Eloquence World Design, they were after some new shots of the restaurant and the dishes for their website and the upcoming Wellington On A Plate festival in August.

It was a nice project and I enjoyed working with the great dishes and having the run of the place over a few days. It’s always difficult shooting interiors with low, mixed light so it was a bit of a challenge but I think it worked out well.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to eat any of the dishes, they all disappeared in to the mouths of our models like some bizarre torture!