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As an Underwater Photographer based in Los Angeles I’m obsessed with the ocean,  so when Christine from Christine Ren Films contacted me about her Ocean Conservancy project I jumped at the chance. It was such a cool project, and important, as it hoped to highlight the dangers of overfishing our oceans – possibly resulting in Jellyfish being the only life left, hence the title Jellyfish Soup.     Christine has put together a great video all about the project, feel free to check it out below: and here’s a Photoshop Breakdown of the post production: Directing, modeling & editing: Christine Ren Films ( Photography: Brett Stanley / The Underwater Photographer ( Hair & MUA: Jaime Leigh McIntosh Jellyfish props: Sara Kugelmass ( Costume: Laura Hazlett ( BTS footage: Brian Bradley Assistants: Brianna Lopez & Alexandre Bui

Shot in the Californian desert, just outside of Los Angeles, featuring the outfits of Tafreshi Couture.   Model: Model Kaylan Auxier HMUA: Dinah Raphaelle Stylist: Impressionist Designs Designer: Tafreshi Couture    

2015 was an amazing year for me: a mixed bag of client work, personal projects, and loads of travel. I spent a lot of time underwater this year as well, which has been great with that side of my business expanding and we keep pushing the envelope on what we shoot down there.  Huge thanks to all my clients, supporters, and my amazing team around the world. I really couldn’t do this with out you! Please enjoy my favourite shots from the year, and see you in 2016! Model: Tiffany Nicole (TNicole) Stylist: Gabrielle Letamendi MUA: Eliven Quiros   Valentina Grim Makeup: Glam by Tessa Monica Olive Stylist: Devin Winter Hair: Erin Michelle Anderson Makeup: Chanel Panagiotopoulos Model: Model Kaylan Auxier HMUA: Dinah Raphaelle Stylist: Impressionist Designs Designer: Tafreshi Couture Model: Brooke West Makeup: Andrea Hows Artistry Sheridan Mouawad Makeup: Dinah Raphaelle Model: Sarah Makeup: Andrea Hows Artistry Model: Lisa Underwater Aerials…

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Behind the Scenes The Imagined – Claire Prebble Couture (Behind The Scenes) from Brett Stanley Photography on Vimeo. Published in Jute Magazine. Photographer: Brett Stanley Costume Designer/Stylist: Claire Prebble Hair: Warren Dion Smith Makeup: Jade Jolly Models: Fay Nielson (Kirsty Bunny Management) and Claire Prebble Assistant: Pauline Leveque

f11 Magazine August 2014 Cover - Brett Stanley Underwater Photographer

There’s been a few highlights in my life recently and this feature of my Underwater Photography in F11 Magazine is no exception. Truly honoured to have a massive spread and interview in the August issue, many thanks to editor Tim Steele! Oh yeah, that’s my image of Rachel Rouge on the cover there too. Check out the whole magazine and article about my underwater photography. Bodies of Art Collection – Model: Jane Wenley, Body Art: Sofia Bue Pedersen, Hair: Warren Dion Smith

Hunting and Safety are two words that should go together quite easily, but quite often safety is overlooked as an important part of this popular sport. I’m no hunter, I can’t even track my vehicle down in the carpark successfully, so meeting up with Mike and Dave from Hunter Safety Labs and going on a mock hunt with them was certainly educational. Mike and Dave started HSL a few years back to try and find an elegant solution to the problem of hunters accidentally shooting other people rather than the prey. It’s quite a common problem, and research suggests that even the most experienced hunter will mistake a person for a deer at some time, which given their trained and lightning fast reflexes could result in a fatality. This is where HSL comes in, they’ve designed a system that can tell you in an instant whether you’re pointing your gun…

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