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New Zealand magazine Pulp have a photography competition every year that is open to anyone and attracts some great talent, I was hoping to be one of those lucky people this year. Along with my partner Jaime Leigh, our two awesome models Lauren and Nicola, and some MASSIVE woolly socks we threw together this little shoot: Unfortunately the magazine came out this week and we were nowhere to be seen 🙁 There was some great work submitted though so it wasn’t too much of a sting. Keep Calm and Carry On! Photography: Brett Stanley Hair & Make-up: Jaime Leigh Models: Laura and Nicola

It’s been a time of change for me in the last few weeks, I moved out of the studio I had been renting for the past 9 months and the house I’ve been living in for over 2 years. I miss the studio and it was no easy decision to move on but after some soul searching and some financial wake-up-calling it made sense. I have always flown by the seat of my pants in many ways and my career choices are no different. My previous pursuits have ranged from running a record label, travelling IT freelancer and photo booth operator, and whilst they all had various degrees of success (and failure) I don’t regret any of them for a second. They were ideas I had that would not go away until they were brought to life, and my current incarnation as a professional photographer is no different. My initial…

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Ok, so it’s a bad pun but a serious issue, reflections are hard to control especially on rounded objects such as wedding rings. I’m all for leaving my mark on my photographs, but being in them is not what I had in mind. Today’s lesson: Always check your images for reflections before you move on. Use the zoom on your camera monitor and make sure that you are not in the shot at all as it can totally ruin the vibe, especially when it’s real obvious. Man, my fingers look faaaaaaaaat! Bonus link (Warning, it’s a little indecent!):

One of the main reasons I fell in love with my studio was the huge ceiling space. It was vaulted,  had exposed beams and the monkey in me just wanted to build a cubby house up there. When I had the lamps on, the rafters would throw all kinds of great shadows around and turned it into such a deep and interesting space. I often thought of how to shoot up in there. One of our last photo shoots in the studio (we moved out this past weekend) was with the lovely Nicola and Lauren for a competition we were working on, and at the end of the session Nicola spied the roof and was keen to climb up there. Who was I to say no? This shot was hard to get, me half on a ladder/half on the rafter holding a light stand and camera, but it was so…

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