Monthly Archives: January 2009

After a weekend shoot in Brisbane with bride and  groom to be Melanie and Dan (photos to come), I jumped a plane to Perth, in Western Australia to hang out with my friend Kim who recently moved there. We headed out  to the edge of the desert where we did some shoots and had some fun in the blistering heat. Click to view them bigger. We had spent the day before getting props and Kim had the idea to fly a kite in her undies. As the sun set in the west we drove to the Pinnacles and got some cracker shots there, with Kim in an awesome blue dress. As twilight descended, I got out my speedlights and had a play around with some set ups. These next few shots are straight out of the camera, no post-production at all. Amazing what the world gives you when you least…

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Part of my trip home to Australia for the holidays was to get some more portfolio shots in the bag and to try and capture some of the Australian landscape. I did a shoot for my friends Tony and Stacy, who got married last year, up in a region called Somersby Falls which was just great. I think it took a bit for the guys to get comfortable in front of the camera but they relaxed after a bit and it was nice to be out in the bush anyway.

In my home town right now for a wee holiday and after overdosing on greasy fish and chips we thought we’d hit the local funfair. Click on the pictures as they look much better bigger. I’m not sure if it was the Chiko Roll or not but man it was a bit tripped out. Down right creepy if you ask me. Gosford’s finest. Micky got to shoot a few rounds in to a Shrek doll. Dónde está el pollo loco? No bumping? What kind of bang up job is this?! Scared I might lose a finger, but I won a fairy poster instead! Careful kids! Those Koalas look a little too happy! Whereas Santa… well.

I’ve been carrying around my lighting gear in the bottom of my travel bag for the past few trips and I decided that it was not really working for me. It takes up a lot of room and if i just want to take it to a shoot I either have to take the whole bag, which is quite large, or carry it all loose. I had an idea for a carry bag that would be padded enough for me to just check the whole lot in when I fly and also double as a ground matt for me to lay my gear out on when I’m on an outdoor shoot. After drawing up a little plan, I coerced my mum to help me with the sewing part. She’s got an old pedal sewing machine that is just beautiful and she drives it like a pro. Dad helped out with…

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