Where to shoot great landscapes in NZ

As an underwater photographer I am all-too familiar with the boundless opportunities New Zealand offers for enjoying yourself in the water.

Rotorua is a hive of natural geothermic activity, boasting five free, natural hot pools where you can relax and detoxify. Or for a dramatic variation in temperature, the Spa Park in Taupo offers hot streams and waterfalls combined with the freezing cold waters of the Waikato River. Kawhia Springs in Waitomo is a beautiful beach, but if you dig below the surface of the sand, you can instantly create your own hot pool for a truly unique way to relax, not to mention an off-beat photo shoot opportunity.

I frequently capture the natural beauty of water in my photographs, drawing inspiration for my work from the stunning locations New Zealand’s geography provides. So I was thrilled to be recently featured in an article by Expedia, ‘Photographers Share New Zealand’s Most Scenic Locations’. The article not only gives you a list of the most magical settings, but also shares some tips on how to catch them at their best. Read the article to help plan your next holiday with your camera in tow!