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I’ve had such a huge response to my Underwater Photography that I’m offering a few open shoots for models and amateurs to come and experience the amazing feeling of modelling under the water. Wellington, New Zealand Johnsonville Pool, Wellington 28th Feb (Sold Out) 7th March (Sold Out) 21st March (Sold Out) 28th March (Sold Out) Auckland, New Zealand Glenfield Pool, Auckland 12th March 19th March All shoots include: 2 x Looks/Costume Changes 1 Hour shoot 3 x Retouched images Private online gallery Outfits and costumes not provided, but here is a page of underwater inspiration. Makeup needs to be specifically waterproof or it will come off once you get in the pool. We can organise an experienced makeup artist for you. Get in contact if you’d like to book, spaces are limited and filling fast!

When I was younger I used to watch a show called All Together Now that was about this old time rock star, Bobby Rivers played by Jon English, who ends up having no career but twin children that keep trying to pull him in to the 90’s when all he wants to do is stay in the 70’s where the music was good. No, when the music was GREAT! Jump nearly 20 years later and here I am in the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre being taken back to the 70’s by that self same Mr English, being treated to a musical buffet of 70’s classics and having my god damn socks rocked off by a bunch of over-talented and probably under-age* musicians in The Rock Show! * Well probably not under-age, but half of them were under 20 at least. Cheeky buggers with their multi-talents, makes me sick 😉