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Every year the NZIPP (The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography) holds a photographic competition that sweeps the country called The Iris Awards, and every year I search my library for images to enter. I judge myself quite harshly I’ve found, as each year I hold no hope for my entries winning a medal and each year I am surprised. I’ve spoken before of my feelings for these types of competitions, of how I cannot fathom the criteria or reasoning for the awarded scores. I won’t go in to that again since I had a pretty decent rant here. The main thing is that I did very well this year and I’m quite happy with the results. Thanks goes to everyone who helped create these images and who have supported me over the years! View more of the entries on the NZIPP Website.

Trevor Lamb - Leather & Art - NZIPP Iris Awards (Silver) Brett Stanley Photography

I’m a bit of a competitive person, well kinda…

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One of the best ways I find to challenge myself is to set personal projects, where I am the client and I try to create my vision as well as I can to the brief I have set. Usually it’s just an image I have in my head that needs to come out, but sometimes I create a fictional client that I need to work for. This keeps my creativity and productivity flowing and pushes my mind to work out new ways to do things. An easy way to get a fictional client is to enter competitions where the theme or criteria is quite narrow. This gives you a brief to follow rather than the broader competitions with themes like “Blue” or “Hands” that tend to do my head in with all the possibilities! The Canon EOS PHOTO5 competition is great in this way, they send you a box with…

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