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As an Underwater Photographer based in Los Angeles I’m obsessed with the ocean,  so when Christine from Christine Ren Films contacted me about her Ocean Conservancy project I jumped at the chance. It was such a cool project, and important, as it hoped to highlight the dangers of overfishing our oceans – possibly resulting in Jellyfish being the only life left, hence the title Jellyfish Soup.     Christine has put together a great video all about the project, feel free to check it out below: and here’s a Photoshop Breakdown of the post production: Directing, modeling & editing: Christine Ren Films ( Photography: Brett Stanley / The Underwater Photographer ( Hair & MUA: Jaime Leigh McIntosh Jellyfish props: Sara Kugelmass ( Costume: Laura Hazlett ( BTS footage: Brian Bradley Assistants: Brianna Lopez & Alexandre Bui

The art of retouching and visual effects is a subtle one, if you notice it’s presence it’s most likely failed. It’s a mostly thankless job as it’s only those who have dealt with this side of digital imaging that know what goes in to such a production. As you can see from the amazing show reel below from Brainstorm Digital there’s very few scenes where you would notice the VFX, from adding fire to a shot, moving a party to the beach, or creating a whole city street. It blows my mind, and we’re not talking about science fiction films anymore, it’s just that some things are done easier in the computer than on set and that tells you a lot about the direction of the digital imaging industry as whole. Visual effects artists and retouchers are the (latest) unsung heroes of the imaging world, whether the work they do…

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