Brett Stanley

Commercial Advertising + Fashion Photographer
(Los Angeles & New Zealand)
USA +1 818 751 9705
NZ +64 (0) 21 711739

Client List

Client List


New Zealand Red Cross
Hunter Safety Labs
American Vintage
Next Magazine
Dominion Post
Glassbook Magazine
Woman’s Weekly
Elegant Magazine
New Zealand Opera
Kid Mac
Sarah McLeod
Fuse Circus
Wellington Circus Trust
Red Vespa
Fishhead Magazine
The Professionals
Makeready Agency
Functional Results Fitness
Kito 1981 Sunglasses
Lucire Magazine

Rolling Stone
Telstra Clear
Dark Beauty Magazine
Hummingbird PR
NZ Fashion Week
Smokefree Rockquest
Taylor Preston
Tarantula Clothing
Empire Of Genius
Claire Prebble Couture
Flo Foxworthy Costumier
World Be Free Campaign
Adrenaline Forest
Emma Clothing
Astra Bridal
De Vol Clothing