Monthly Archives: January 2015

Living in Los Angeles has given me many cool opportunities to work in the Film Industry here, mostly shooting Stills on movie sets for production companies, but also introducing me to some fine actors like Brian Glanney. After working together on a film we became friends and when it was time for him to get new promotional shots he hit me up. Brian wasn’t after the usual actor headshots though, he wanted something more creative, something that could show he range and acting abilities. We decided on a few themes and headed out for a full day of shoots around Los Angeles. Many thanks to Kerrin Jackson for coming along to do Brian’s hair and makeup, and Ellee Jane for jumping into some shots! If you’re looking for some Not-So-Usual headshots, please get in touch.

Client: Flo Foxworthy Costumier Model: Ashleeta Hair + Makeup: Jessica Sinclair Photographer: Brett Stanley

Underwater Pole Dance/Fitness (Skylar Leigh) - Brett Stanley Photographer

Over the past decade I’ve photographed many performance artists, from Trapeze and Aerials to Fire Breathers and Stilt Walkers, and I’ve always wondered whether we could take these talents and put them underwater. I’ve talked before about my love of the ocean, so this was a natural idea for me. Then in 2013 I started working with some of these artists, getting their advice on how best to do this, and the more we talked the more it seemed possible. They were excited, I was excited, we jumped in the water and no one drowned! During the next 2 years I collaborated with some amazing women, capturing their incredible skills whilst underwater. My images of The Magenta Diamond (Tanya Drewery) performing Underwater Aerial Chains were featured in F11 Magazine, and photos of Sara Anderson Kidston with Madison Turner performing Underwater Lyra can be seen on my Behance page. Late in…

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