Monthly Archives: March 2011

I met Katherine and Tim almost a year ago and they seemed to be so laid back about their wedding that it was infectious, they made me relax. Skip forward quite a few months and their wedding day was just a pleasure, so easy to work with and such fun. She got ready at City Life Apartments, with hair did and make up do’d by Michelle Perry and Catherine Maguire,  and we then all headed down to Old Saint Pauls, which is an amazing wooden church. Very dark wood inside makes it hard to bounce light around, but some well placed spots in the roof helped. The reception was at SOI, on the waterfront in Evan’s Bay, which was really nice as the sun set and the Photo Booth seemed to rock the party!

The weather report for Jane and Andrew’s big day looked promising: Sunny with late cloud. Not the absolute perfect conditions for a photographer but pretty close. Needless to say, the boffins at the Met Service were bloody wrong. It rained. Having spent a fair amount of time in the UK, Jane and Andrew had hired a London Cab as their bridal car and it was just awesome. Luckily it was fairly spacious as we ended up all hanging out in it whilst we waited for the rain to ease! The ceremony and reception were both held in the Chaffers Dock Function Centre and it was nice to just have everything in the one place! The photo booth was an absolute hit as well, people were in and out of it all night! The band was great too and had everyone on the dance floor until the end of the night!

I’ve been a fan of The Melvins since the late 90’s when a friend introduced me to their album Stag after a gig one night. It blew me away with it’s distorted, dissident but yet highly melodic tunes and I knew I was going out the next day to buy the CD (This is before the days of iTunes! Ask your parents if you don’t know what I’m talking about.). I even got to see them play in Sydney once and it was amazing. Whilst I’m not the hugest fan of theirs, some albums I just don’t get in to, I still really appreciate the tightness and fatness of their sound considering they are a 3 piece, with Buzz’s vocals filling any gaps there might be in the sound. Fast forward over ten years and I’m now with a girl who is FANATICAL about them, would follow them around the…

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